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Community Awareness Meeting

April 17, 2001

This meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Present were approximately 42 residents , manager Dave Bosek, security coordinator Tim Burke, office staff Catrina Sanchez and Rachel Pendleton and grounds dept. personnel Dave Lundell.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read by Catrina Sanchez.

Channel 23 is now operational. This is a community based channel that is available on the basic Millenium service. If you would like to advertise something or have another suggestion as to anything that could be added, please inform the office.

Concerning speeding problem with-in the community: Call the security pager with information such as license plate number, make and color of vehicle, etc. and they will act on the problem. Tim Burke is trying to implement a program with the police department. There may be a possibility of the police department sending the violators warning letters and/or tickets.

With the nicer weather coming, parents need to review the rules of the community with thier children and supervise thier outdoor activities.

When questioned about the noise ordinance, Dave informed the residents that Silver Springs has its own ordinance which does not allow for residents to be disturbed by extremely loud activities no matter what time of day or night it is. Please be considerate of you neighbors.

Master Green will be in the community soon. If you do not want your lawn sprayed please notify the office.

Stray animals should be reported to Animal Control at 810-469-5115. Dogs are not permitted to be left outside for longer than a half hour at a time and excessive barking is not allowed.

All vehicles need to be licensed, registered and in working order. Those that do not comply with the rules will be towed off the property at the owners expense. A suggestion was made to donate unwanted vehicles to Mother Waddles, Purple Heart or the high school.

An Activities Committee report was given by Sharon Duncan. Local businesses have been contacted and many gave gift certificates, etc. to be used for community functions. Future activities may include shopping trips to local stores, trips to Birch Run, Frankenmouth, Bingo and activities for the kids. There is a possibility of local nursuries coming here with tips on spring planting, lawn care, etc. Any additional ideas for activites please inform the office or leave a note in the suggestion box.

A booklet was passed out with information on disaster preparedness. Copies are available at the office. There is no tornado shelter with-in the community so it is advised that you seek alternate shelter when necessary. Suggested near-by shelters could be schools or churches that are open or hospitals. Selfridge Air Force Base may not be an option because of security issues.

Remember to fill out the registration cards that were in the newsletter and turn them into the office. A drawing will be held on May 1st for $50.00 off of Junes rent.

All residents who attended the meeting were given raffle tickets and 8 tickets were drawn for gifts such as a fish bowl/plant and gift certificates to Farmer Jack, Outback Steak House and many local businesses.

Thanks to Sharon Duncan, Wanda and John Ranger, and the Cantells for thier contributions of those items and snacks to this meeting.

This meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 p.m.

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