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Community Awareness Meeting

April 16, 2003

Guest speaker, Captain Posavetz from the Clinton Township Police Department, was here to inform the community about a program called the Michigan Community Child Watch. This is a program founded in Michigan and encourages homeowners to take notice of what is going on within thier community and to also help children if they have problems and are in need of immediate protection. Placards are available to display in a prominent window of your home. Applications are available at the police department and background checks are made on all individuals within the house over the age of 18. This ensures that a child is safe while going to any house displaying a placard. A short video was shown explaining the program to the residents.

Captain Posavetz also did a run though of all reported calls from this community in the 4 months since he had last been to a meeting of ours. He said that for the size of our community it appears to him to be relatively safe. He also thanked us for inviting him to the annual picnics and sees these as an excellent way to promote community togetherness. It was also suggested that everyone needs to become involved in thier own community and if problems arise it is always best to call the police department and let them decide if an officer needs to come out to remedy the problem.

Home Site Inspections will be taking place soon. Remember that evictions are possible if your home fails to pass the inspection and repairs are not made.

Tru green fertilization program has started and if you do not wish to have your home fertilized , you need to inform the office.

Last fall slit seeding was done to the lawns within the community. This was done because of the drought of last summer doing so much damage to the lawns.

Grass seed and dirt will be available soon to help repair the lawns that were damaged from the drought or from the winter.

Residents Questions were then answered:

The yellow dots on some of the trees are there to identify the ash trees which are being treated for disease.

The water pressure problems that we have experienced in the last few years should be resolved when the townships new 15 million dollar project is completed.

An industrial complex is being built behind the community . When it is completed a brick wall will be constructed. If you have any problems because of the construction , call the office to report them.

The loud train whistle is still a problem and the Cantells reported all that they had done to alleviate the situation. A petition is required from the residents. It is possible that a booth will be set up at the community picnic so that all residents may sign it.

If you have issues with loud music in passing cars, provide the necessary information to the office , such as make and model of car and a license plate number. The problem will then be addressed by Dave.

Live trapping is going to be done to control the skunk population. Call the office if you have an extreme problem and one will be set up near your home.

The Annual Community Picnic will be on July 12, 2003 from 12:00 - 4:00. Adult volunteers are needed.

The Community Yard Sale will be on July 18 - July 20, 2003. Please take $1.00 to the office to register your home for the sale. This also provides funds to place an ad in the newspaper.

Thank-you Cantells for providing refreshments.

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