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Community Awareness Meeting

August 21, 2000

This meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Tim Burke. Present were approximately 35 residents, manager Dave Bosek, and guest speakers, Lt. Bruce Wade from the Clinton Township Police Department and Rebecca Modrzejewski.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read by Tim Burke.

Rebecca Modrzejewski was here to discuss the CPR classes being made available to the community. Review and beginner classes are available. Instruction books are optional but may be purchased from the instructor. The sign-up sheet is located in the community building and classes must be pre-paid when you sign up.

Guest speaker, Lt. Wade gave us very informative reports. The first topic of discussion was about sexual offenders and how the state handles cases. The public information website is... Wade then discussed criminal activities and how the police department handles certain unlawful activities. Samples and pictures were shown of certain drug paraphenalia and illegal activities. The police need the publics interest and depends on citizens to provide information of activities that are unlawful. Pictures may be taken of unlawful activities if they occur on public property and then given to the police. Any report may be handled anonymously if you wish. Prosecuting individuals is a long process and when the investigators have documentation it is much easier to complete the investigations. It is also important to inform the office of these problems so that it may be handled by the proper persons.

Rudgate is looking into the possibility of purchasing a Speed Trailer to be used by all of the Rudgate communities. The trailer can be placed in different trouble areas to see if that will reduce the amount of speeding with-in each community. The officers that have been frequenting this community did not find an unusual amount of speeding. All of the districts school buses have been told to keep thier speeding under control. If you know of a persisitant problem with a speeder, please contact the office with information such as a description of the vehicle and the driver and a license plate number. All of these reports are checked. Speed bumps are not an option with-in this community.

Signs have been ordered stating "Handicap Children Playing". These will be placed near the play area and near any home that has a special needs child. If you need a sign near your home contact the office.

Dave will be looking into the possibility of more stop signs being posted near the play area. He will also check into the possibility of the playscapes being made handicap accessible. Handicap accessible sidewalks have been added to the park and benches will be installed soon. There is also an order in to have ramps installed at the mailboxes.

A base is going to be added under the playscapes. This has already been ordered and the community is waiting for the contractor to complete this. There will also be a canopy installed over the bus stop.

Non-permanent decorative fences may be used to prevent children from walking through your yard. This must be approved by management.

Parents need to warn thier children that the large green boxes in the yards behind the homes are dangerous and are not a toy to be played on.

Any children causing problems within the community need to be reported to the office. Pictures may be taken of the individuals if necessary. This information is then forwarded to the parents of the offenders so that the problems stop. Legal steps are taken if this conduct continues. Recently there was a reported incident of someone being stabbed at the basketball courts. After investigating the police found this report to be unfounded. There will not be a permanent moniter at the bus. Please inform your childen to conduct themselves properly while waiting for the bus. The possiblity of resident passes was brought up to see if it could be used to deter other persons from frequenting the area.

Placing your garbage outside without a covered recepticle will encourage rodents. Field mice and possums have been seen in the area.

Residents may place a newspaper box near thier porches. If you have a problem with delivery of your paper contact the newspaper offices and state that you want your paper put on your porch.

There were previous problems with the water service. Several hundred homes within the community were not registering properly and U.S. Energy has hopefully solved the problems.

For those that are dissatisfied with the cable company, Millenium is adding a digital service and more channels soon.

The spring inspections update is approximately half finished. At least 15-20 violations are issued daily. Sheds need to be installed and homes and yards need to be properly maintained. Dave is checking into the possibility of getting large rocks to put on the corners of some of the streets so that ruts will not be a continuing problem. A new sign has been ordered for Suburban Sales Office to replace the aged sign that is there now.

While everyones questions and comments are appreciated it is important for the meeting to stick to the agenda. Because of the constant questions during the meeting some important issues were not discussed. Future meetings will allow for a 15-20 minute Q & A after the agenda has been handled.

Thanks to Sharon Duncan and the Cantells for furnishing refreshments. Anyone can bring refreshments to the meetings so it does not become the responsibility of only a few persons.

This meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

The next Community Awareness Meeting will be on Tuesday September 12, 2000 at 7:00 p.m.

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