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Community Awareness Meeting

August 21, 2000

This meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Tim Burke. Present were approximately 35 residents, manager Dave Bosek, and guest speakers, Lt. Bruce Wade from the Clinton Township Police Department and Rebecca Modrzejewski.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read by Tim Burke.

Rebecca Modrzejewski was here to discuss the CPR classes being made available to the community. Review and beginner classes are available. Instruction books are optional but may be purchased from the instructor. The sign-up sheet is located in the community building and classes must be pre-paid when you sign up.

Guest speaker, Lt. Wade gave us very informative reports. The first topic of discussion was about sexual offenders and how the state handles cases. The public information website is... Wade then discussed criminal activities and how the police department handles certain unlawful activities. Samples and pictures were shown of certain drug paraphenalia and illegal activities. The police need the publics interest and depends on citizens to provide information of activities that are unlawful. Pictures may be taken of unlawful activities if they occur on public property and then given to the police. Any report may be handled anonymously if you wish. Prosecuting individuals is a long process and when the in