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June 12, 2000

This meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Tim Burke. Present were 37 residents, Silver Springs manager - Dave Bosek and Captain Posavetz of the Clinton Township Police Department.

Tim started by reading the minutes of the May meeting. Dave then had responses for the previous months questions as such:

The payphone requested for the parking area of the community is in the works. There will be a phone installed for the residents to use but at this time no definate date has been arranged.

Regarding the continuance of the wall at the back of the property (Gratiot)- The company that currently owns that piece of property is selling it and the new owners will be responsible for installing the fence. A suggestion was made to have a petition circulated describing the problems with that area and ALL residents were asked to sign it as it does involve everyone, not just residents of that street. There will be more security and police patrols checking that area.

A meeting was held with Millenium Digital Cable Company. Silver Springs is under a total 6-7 year contract with them. There is a possibility that more channels will be added in the fall. Satellite dishes are an option and one resident stated that Direct TV is available at many stores and after an initial purchase and installation, it is cheaper than the current cable television that is available to us. If you have any complaints or suggestions as to what can be done with the cable situation please write them out and take them to the office so that Dave can forward them to the proper persons. Millenium cable will have a booth set up at the community picnic on August 12.

Captain Posavetz was here to inform residents what was being done about the speeding problems. Undercover officers have been in the community at different times and different areas and while some tickets were issued, there did not seem to be an abnormal amount of speeding. The officers are in the community as often as possible. If you know of an ongoing persistant speeder please get a description of the vehicle and the license plate number and turn it into the office so it can be investigated further. If you know of a street that has constant speeding problems please give that information to the office also. Police officers may park in residents driveways , with permission from that resident, in order to observe while being unnoticed. There is also a drug problem within the community. Several arrests were made but the investigation is still ongoing.

FYI: If speeding violations are issued the cost of the ticket is $65.00 and points are added to your license.

Regarding parking on the streets--NO on street parking is allowed. If you have large gatherings, put as many vehicles as possible in your own driveway and the remainder of the vehicles must be parked at the alternate parking area near the clubhouse. Arrangements can also be made with neighbors or vehicles may park at unoccupied lots until new homeowners move in. Residents are responsible for thier guests and any violations will be acted upon. According to the rule book, continued offenses will result in eviction. The only acceptions are short term parking for loading or unloading of cars or delivery trucks and if construction vehicles are there completing work. Boats, campers and trailers are not to be stored on the premises for longer than 24 hours unless approved by management. The security spotchecks implemented last month have had a positive result. There were 24 vehicles cited last month and this month the number is down to 3. These spotchecks are for vehicles that are not properly tagged or appear to be in non-running order.

Regarding mailboxes: The streets are going to be painted with directional arrows. Also there is a major problem with the children playing and riding bicycles near the area when many residents are there trying to pick up thier mail. Tim will moniter the area at the times when it is most congested to assure no problems will occur. Parents need to remind thier children not to play near the mailboxes.

Unsupervised children, offensive language at the basketball court and non resident children at the park is still a problem and while difficult to police this issue is being addressed. Children that are a problem are identified and parents are notified. In some instances parents and children are called to the office to resolve the problem.

There will be more play equipment installed at the park but not until next year.

FYI: Curfew ---12 and under---10:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. 16 and under---12:00 midnight-6:00 a.m.

The community has a security paging system in effect. All pages are acknowledged and acted upon if necessary. Residents are asked to limit pages to important issues and not use the pager for small issues that could be handled at the office during operating hours.

REMINDER: If work schedules conflict with the offices hours, arrangements can be made for meetings.

If you would like security to moniter your home while you are on vacation, arangements can be made. The office is making forms to fill out if you need them.

There was an article printed recently in the Journal newspaper regarding an incident that occurred in this community. Most of that article was untrue. Both Tim and the police were present to resolve this problem. There was a fight between 2 people and a vehicle was taken but returned by the next morning.

We all know that there is a problem with the trains blowing thier whistles excessively during the evening. One resident has contacted Franchot Stinger with the Channel 2 News. Our problem was shown on the news and is currently being investigated by Channel 2. The news report was video-taped and the resident will bring the tape to the next meeting to be shown.

The 1st Annual Community Picnic will be on August 12, 2000. Volunteers are still needed. The DJ that was originally hired is not able to attend. If anyone knows of an alternate DJ, please inform the office.

Volunteers are needed to pass out reminder notices for these meetings. It is important that everyone is informed so that they may attend.

There will be another community yard sale this year. Information will be in the July newsletter.

Residents questions , comments and suggestions

There was a lot of positive feedback about management and security. Many of the attending residents praised the efforts of Dave and Tim and recognize that the police being in the community is a deterrent to many of the previous problems.

A suggestion was made to have the children of the community wear identification badges so that security will know if they are residents and also to have contact information if an unsupervised child is hurt and needs medical attention. Visitors badges could also be implemented.

A suggestion was made to have stickers made to be put on the cars of resident vehicles. This would help in identifying if the speeding problems are the residents or if the problem is visitors.

There will be a program in the community this summer for the children. It will offer low cost crafts, games and field trips. The cost is $16.00 for the first child in the home and $8.00 for each additional child. This program is offered through Clinton Township. Many residents expressed thier disapproval with the program because it will not include all the children. There are age limit requirements of 5-14. No acceptions to this requirement. Residents would like to see a program next year that could include all the children regardless of thier ages or special needs.

Excessive dog barking- The rule book states that excessive barking will not be allowed and dogs are not to be left out for longer than a half hour.

There is a rumor that the railway tracks behind Fountain street are going to be expanded. If anyone has any information about this please inform the office.

Regarding the unfinished wall at the back of the community: Could it be possible for a temporary cyclone fence to be installed until the permanent wall is put up? What is the possibility of Rudgate buying that property and putting in a park with benches or using it for something else?

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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