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To my fellow residents of Silver Springs,

On the subject of the bust that went down in July:

I have heard that a few of you are a little more than concerned. Maybe even frightened! Don't be!! We must take this incident as a good thing, not a bad thing. It is a good thing because we don't have to worry about that guy anymore.

On the night in question just like anyone else I am curious. But I am a little more bold than some. (I know this because my wife tells me this all the time) Anyway, I went out to see what I could see. And because I am a little more bold than other people, I was able to help. The person who was stopped by the poice threw a small baggie out of his window. It landed right in front of my house. Well to make a long story short because I had my eyes open, I was thanked by the arresting officer and by the Lieutenant in charge. "Oh" and by the way, Tim our "security guard", was there also. I really feel that I should share this with you all, because of the way the officers and the way Tim looked and were thanking me. I felt very proud and I really felt a sense of home and security. Anyway: most people would have just stayed safe in thier homes and watched through thier windows. "This is what we are doing wrong.!" We must get involved with OUR community. That's right - OUR community. Don't let them take our nice community away! Thats just what they want you to do - Feel Safe in your Home. They'll take care of the rest of the community. We just can't depend on a few people to do this. We need to put the word out early. This is our community and we will not stand for things like this going on here. Remember: There is such a thing as privacy, that's fine and dandy. If you are doing something in your home, all the more power to you. But once you bring it out into our community, then you have made it the communities business. "I am in no way condoning vigilantism." But there is something we can all do. "Keep your eyes and ears open." Do your homework: get times, dates, car descriptions, maybe even a picture or two. Remember: Anyone who will be taking action on what you say will need all the evidence they can possibly get. The more evidence, the stronger your complaint will come across.

Now, as far as security goes: My personal feelings - "I like Tim." Not only as a good security guard, but as a friend and fellow resident of Silver Springs community. I think he is doing a very good job. Every time something has gone down within the community, that I know of, I have seen the man there or he knows about it. "Lets get real." No one man can be everywhere all the time. Instead of yelling and cursing at the man, we all should be congratulating and thanking him. Remember: He is doing the hard part, confronting the accused.

We all have a part in this. It's only going to become what we let it become. Please: I'm asking all of you, as a fellow Silver Springs resident, Stand Your Ground! Don't let this wonderful community of ours become a Trailer Park. We have a chance to make a change. "LET'S DO IT!!"



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