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Community Awareness Meeting

September 12, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Present were 23 residents, manager Dave Bosek, guest speaker Eric Kaczynski from Medstar, Brian Pahel and Mike Throndset from the Grounds Operations Department.

Minutes from the previous months meeting were read by Tim Burke.

Dave read a letter that was recieved from a resident of the community. It was a plea for the residents to become more involved within the community. A copy of the letter is available in the office or on the Silver Springs website if you would like to read it.

Eric Kaczynski, a supervisor with Medstar and a resident of this community, was here to discuss 911 procedures. They are frequently in the community and 80% of these calls are emergencies. Medstar has fully equipped ambulances and are sent with firetruck back-ups. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you feel you need thier services. There is no charge for this service unless the person is transported to a hospital. If transport is necessary, emergencies will be billed to your insurance company. CPR classes are offered through Medstar Education Department. The cost is $10.00 and includes as many units as you wish to take: infant, child or adult. First-aid certifications are also available for $15.00. Sign-up sheets are available at the office.

Dave has concerns about ESI, the company that handles our garbage removal. If anyone has problems with ESI, the address is available at the office so that you may write to them. There is a possibility that Dave will be looking for another company to handle our garbage in the future.

A Security Update was given by Tim. Tim does random car checks throughout the community. He will issue violations to those persons who do not have updated license tags or have non-running vehicles on thier property. This includes vehicles that have flat tires. The next security check will begin this week.

Residents may work on thier vehicles on thier own property but only if repairs take a short time, such as changing tires, oil, etc. The vehicles may not be left on hoists for extended periods of time.

On street parking is prohibited. Vehicles are tagged and given violations. If the problem continues, further steps will be taken.

The presence of the police patrolling the community has been noticed. The bicycle and the motorcycle patrols are in use at this time. Police cars frequenting the area does not necessarily mean that there is a problem. Thier presence does avert problems.

You are encouraging criminals if you leave cell phones, purses, etc. in unlocked vehicles. There have been no home break-ins in a long time and we need to be mindful of our surroundings to keep this from happening. If you see unlawful activities occurring you are encouraged to take pictures of the persons and turn them into the police or office. Pictures can be placed in envelopes and put into the drop box which is now located at the side door of the office. You have two options if you know of a situation that needs to be policed. One option is to ignore the problem and complain about it and the second option is to do something about it by becoming involved in the community and reporting incidents to the police or security.

One resident suggested placing wooden dowels in your windows as a deterrent to break-ins. This is low cost and easy for the homeowners to do themselves.

Parents are responsible for thier childrens behavior. If your children are causing a problem you will be contacted and further steps will be taken if the problems continue.

Grounds Operation Department manager Brian Pahel and assistant Mike Throndset were here to give an update of the work being done with-in the community. 25 large boulders have been brought into the community to place on corners that have ruts , which are caused by drivers not exercising care whie turning. "Handicapped Children Playing" signs have been installed in 4 locations. If you know of an area that needs a sign please inform the office so that more may be ordered. Missing street signs and lights will be replaced or repaired as needed. If you notice a light that needs to be fixed contact the office. The problem with the water pressure is being checked into. Random site checks are done throughout the community. The Ground Operations Department will also be working on the entrance of Silver Springs to make it more attractive. The contractor that was hired, will be in the community this week to put the base under the play equipment and to clear out the vacant property in the back corner. As of now there are no plans for developement of that section. If the tree in front of your home needs to be replaced or appears to be dying contact Bryan or Mike. Normal maintenance of the trees is the homeowners responsibility. If you are planning on selling your home, Resale Inspection forms are available. The cost of the inspection is $30.00 and owners should wait until a buyer has been found before ordering the inspection. Exterior Improvements forms are also available and Brian or Mike will inspect the improvements after the work is completed.

Dave is looking into the possibility of purchasing traps to catch the skunks that now frequent our community. If there are holes under the skirting of your home make sure they are filled in. The skunks will live under your home if access is available. If you notice skunks under your home, saturate cloths with Pine-sol and place under the skirting. This should repel them.

Thanks again to Sharon Duncan and the Cantells for providing refreshments.

This meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Future meetings will take place on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. Next months meeting schedule will be posted later.

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