Hello, my name is Carol Berry and I have been off on medical leave but am now released to return to work.
I thought this letter was necessary because I can never seem to catch you in.
I was hired in to help with opening the store but was not hired in as a permanent part-time stocker until May or June of 1992.
I can run register but it is not my preference ( as anyone there will tell you). I was usually utilized on register for breaks, etc.
Because I was a stocker and my schedule didnt depend on someone else covering for me , I was allowed to request my schedule days, so that I could work opposite my husbands weird schedule. This was because of transportation and the fact that we have a special needs teen ager that we are not comfortable leaving alone for extended periods or too often.
I usually just wrote up my availability and whoever worked out the schedule went from there. I am enclosing calendars of January and February.
Thank-you and I hope to meet you soon.
I am very anxious to return as soon as possible.

Carol 586-465-1034
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